From Aesthetic Practice Idea to Market Fit
July 2018 – Now
New Aesthetic Practice Setup
Augsburg, Germany

SKIN LAB. By Dr.Vasu

The SKIN LAB. by Dr. Vasu is a aesthetic practice in the heart of Augsburg, Germany, specialized in minimal invasive treatments, with fillers and botolinum toxin. Hence, the patient age range goes from 21 years old to 60-70 year years, both male & female.

The practice has opened softly since October 2019 and during 2020 will have it’s strong opening.

Services Provided

SKIN LAB. has been through the Aesthetic Practice Journey , which takes in 5 simples stages a practice idea, to the market fit.

In a nutshell, we provided: Naming, Trademark registration, Marketing Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Brand Identity Development, Web design, Web development, Content Creation, Photo & Video Shootings & Online Marketing Activation.

Dr. Sebastian Vasu
Head of SKIN LAB.

I needed a team that could work around with my schedules & specific business vision. I found in SMUK a startup that was young, dynamic and entrepreneurial. They provided flexibility and quick solutions for each problem we had or that arose. Exactly what I was looking for.

Stage 0 : The beginning of the Challenge

Dr. Sebastian Vasu came with the idea of starting a practice in which he could offer minimal invasive treatments, and in the future plastic surgery. He wanted to mostly invest time on the medical aspect and a bit of management. We proposed the Aesthetic Practice Journey, and he was delighted to start right away.

Since the European summer of 2019 we have been collaborating with Dr. Sebastian Vasu, meeting either in Augsburg or in Munich. Deciding over the name, business & marketing strategy, pricing, strategic positioning, etc. But mostly understanding deeplythe values & strengths (USP) that he will develop on his practice and the experience to create to his future patients.

Stage 1 : Brand Identity & Website

In Smuk Consulting we believe that the brand identity & the website  are key elements on the online sales of SKIN LAB. We had the mission of being extra careful with every detail. Every section, image, text, call to action has been strategically planned and executed, to reach the highest conversion rate as possible on the first strike.
Another must-have to achieve a great experience was speed, so we worked using a high-speed hosting and trying to minimize the amount of code, image sizes, requests, and plugins.

Current Isologotype of SKIN LAB, old logo & branding attempt & professional web design of

Stage 2 : Sales Funnel

After all the hard work, we were ready to go live! We created & setup all the online channels, we generated online traffic with Social Media & Google Adwords. We created offline traffic by giving flyers to existing patients and in the street.

We had great results & reception by new and existing patients. This was just the beginning of the journey, but Dr. Sebastian Vasu was very happy about seeing his practice coming to life.

Kick-off meeting at the SKIN LAB. practice with the full team. Flyer design & Landing Page design. Top of the online sales funnel.

Stage 3 :  Measurement, Improvement & Repeat

After our first campaign (and each of the forthcoming) we analysed deeply it’s results, accepted/rejected some of the hypothesis set before launching, and we presented them to Dr. Sebastian Vasu.

Subsequently, we had come up with a new campaign and new hypothesis with a new concept, imagery, slogan and treatments offered. Always making improvement from the previously lessons learned.

Google Analytics board  & Google Ads Editor after the first campaign 2019.

Stage 4 :  Automation

Once the campaigns were running, we automated sales & follow up processes in order to aliviate the practice day by day work.

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